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Every day, city dwellers are choosing to transport their lives from urban centers to more rural landscapes. These communities are becoming increasingly infused with new perspectives, creating unique opportunities for blending urban innovations with rural traditions. Broadway+Thresher will chronicle these journeys; highlighting the stories of local artisans, farmers, artists, and the design elements that furnish their inspiration.

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Inspired By Charm's Etsy Pick Of the Week [F+D]

David Gobeli, B+T co-Editor

Every week, Michael Wurm Jr., of the wildly popular blog Inspired by Charm, will be sharing his favorite Etsy products and highlighting the artisans and sellers that makes Etsy such an important and fun place to shop. Why Etsy and Inspired by Charm? Both have great style, one of a kind uniqueness, and a flair for do-it-yourself creativity. 

And on to Week 1!

With fall in full swing, there is nothing better than curling up in your favorite chair with your favorite blanket, a good book, and a giant cup of hot cocoa. I mean, really does it get any better? Living here in Central Pennsylvania, I’ll be the first to admit I do tend to get a bit of cabin fever come March. This year, however, I’ve decided to take a different approach and embrace every minute of this chilly weather, because frankly, I have no other choice.

I have my chair, blanket, book, and hot cocoa, but something is missing. Marshmallows! Thankfully the folks over at Whimsy&Spice have me covered.

Image by Whimsy and Spice

Image by Whimsy and Spice

This Brooklyn-based bakery, with their delightful and delicious confections, has me hoping that fall and winter never end. Their Marshmallow Sampler Pack will insure that my hot cocoa always has an extra fluffy and tasty touch.

Image by Whimsy and Spice

Image by Whimsy and Spice

With flavors like chocolate, caramel, and maple, their marshmallows make drinking hot cocoa a culinary experience. I may even need to pick up a few of their Pumpkin Ginger Sandwich Cookies for an extra special treat. Go big or go home, right?

Image by Whimsy and Spice

Image by Whimsy and Spice

What delectable items are you drooling over from the Whimsy&Spice shop?

Michael Wurm, Jr - Inspired by Charm

Designer, blogger, and Pinterest enthusiast, Michael Wurm, Jr. has his finger on the pulse of all things design. On his blog, Inspired by Charm, Michael writes about his latest design projects, favorite recipes, DIY crafts, and more. When it comes to interior decor, he is often inspired by vintage finds, modern lines, and colorful accessories. This combination helps him create spaces that are both stylish and comfortable. Visit Michael at Inspired by Charm for a taste of his Life, decorated.