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Every day, city dwellers are choosing to transport their lives from urban centers to more rural landscapes. These communities are becoming increasingly infused with new perspectives, creating unique opportunities for blending urban innovations with rural traditions. Broadway+Thresher will chronicle these journeys; highlighting the stories of local artisans, farmers, artists, and the design elements that furnish their inspiration.

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Antique Finds: A Trip to the Antique Mall [Lifestyle]


Antique Finds: A Trip to the Antique Mall [Lifestyle]

Andrew Kohn

I thought you might like to come along with me to my "regular" antique mall and check out some stuff I think is great...but don't want to buy. I go to this particular mall, with the 60's music playing and low fluorescent lights glowing, once every two weeks. Antique Life Lesson #22: If you like walking the antique mall aisles, pay attention to how often merchandise turns over in your favorite booths. There's no point in going, if everything you saw your last trip will be there again.

So without further ado:

These tables are killer. They're hand-painted and would be amazing in the right space. Sadly, I don't have that space. But they've been there for weeks, so I'm hoping the price might drop. For now, you can get the pair for $45.

These chairs are pretty great too! Wicker folding chairs. And sturdy! It would be a dream to have seen a collection of these babies - maybe 100 or so for a wedding. Would be amazing. You can buy these two either separate or together for $20 a piece.

I don't know where I would put this organ, but me likes. And for $180, it's a steal. All you need are three or four football players to move it from the shop to your house. It was made in Brattleboro, Vermont and could be used for any number of purposes. Somehow, some way, this could become an amazing mantle!

And finally, the one item I purchased, an old (or should I say vintage) grain scoop. The wood is great, the metal is intact and the small iron nails are all accounted for. I'll add it to my farm tool collection. And it was $12.

Are you looking for anything special? Let me know and if I see it, I'll take a quick snapshot of it and send it your way. After all, we antiquers need to stick together.